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Job Placement


MTI cannot guarantee employment, but will provide its graduates with assistance and job leads upon graduation.


Our school also offers:

  • Free online course such as Job Search and Resume Preparation which prepares students for their career search.

  • Assists students in application and resume preparation

  • Teaches professional interview techniques

  • Resources to enhance job search

  • Helps the student identify prospective employers



Our students are employed with the following companies:

  • Infotree Service

  • Deep Down Incorporated

  • Intellinex L.L.C.

  • Insight Global

  • Cimmarron

  • Alitek Consulting

  • Schlumberger Technology

  • Logix Communications. LP

  • Insight Global

  • Haliburton

  • City of Houston

  • General Dynamics Information Technology

…and much more



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