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IT Fundamentals

This course is ideal for individuals considering a career in IT or individuals that work in an allied field that requires a broad understanding of IT. It can also be a stepping stone to more advanced certifications such as CompTIA A+ or other similar certifications.


In this course students will set up, configure, maintain, troubleshoot, and perform preventative maintenance of the hardware, software, and security components of a basic personal computer workstation, including implementation of basic green IT practices.


Course Objective:

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to safely set up a basic workstation, including installing basic hardware and software and establishing basic network connectivity; identify and correct compatibility issues; identify and prevent basic security risks, and practice basic support techniques on computing devices.

Students will be able to:

  • Identify hardware commonly found in or attached to computing devices.

  • Identify software commonly installed on computing devices.

  • Set up a basic workstation.

  • Configure Network Access.

  • Work with Files, Folders, and Applications.

  • Configure and Use Wireless Devices.

  • Install and configure Microsoft Windows

  • Secure Computing Devices

  • Support Computers and Users.

  • Back-Up and Restore Data

  • Manage Software


Job Titles:

Helpdesk Technician, Technical Support Representative, Computer Operator.


This course prepares the student for exam: CompTIA IT Fundamental (ITF+) FC0-U61


Duration: 4 weeks


Delivery: Classroom & Virtual Live


Start Date: Please Call

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