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Corporate Training

Milestone Technical Institute offers a wide range of hands-on Technology, Leadership and Management training. All of our training classes are customized to fit your company’s needs. Whether a client’s needs are virtual training, in-house training or at our location MTI can offer a solution.

Customized Training

Designed to Fit Your Priorities and Deliver Your Desired Impact

We pride ourselves on our flexible approach to partnering with our clients to develop a collaborative solution that is aligned with their unique needs. While we leverage best practices and our proven content, customizing our solutions involves a focused approach to ensure the concepts introduced in the program can truly come to life within your organization. Our experience proves that the programs with the greatest impact and traction are developed uniquely for a corporation. The less effort required by your people to translate their learning into their environment – the greater the likelihood of learning transfer and behavior change.

Some of the possibilities:
  • A curriculum designed to improve performance and inspire employee development
  • A program designed to focus on developing a specific skill or competency
  • A leadership development solution customized to fit the needs of your business

Who Would Benefit

Corporations which need flexible curriculum, very specific performance outcomes, and who wants to actively partner to create unique training program


Adapted Solutions

Choose from our foundation of existing programs
Our established portfolio of core offerings allows our clients the flexibility to adapt our existing programs and deliver them to their employees in a way that best suits individual, team or organizational development needs. Our clients may choose to:

  • Send individuals or groups to our Open Enrollment courses: Over 50 seminars across all major business areas that cater to any employee level, available in Africa, Europe, USA and Canada
  • Run an existing program at the location of your choice: For groups of 8 or more, we can bring our open enrollment courses onsite to save on costs and make sure individuals and teams advance at the same pace. We always match faculty members that suit your organization’s culture.
  • Adapt the duration or content for one of our existing programs to suit the needs of your employees.
  • Create a competency based open enrollment curriculum aligned to meet the needs of your organization.

Who Would Benefit

A corporation where an existing MTI program fits their needs and only requires minimal customization to create the desired impact.

Public Sector

Learning and Development for Public Sector Services
MTI is a leading learning, training and development provider to the Public Sector in Canada and USA. Our experience and expertise specializing in government learning and development solutions means that we understand your unique requirements and know how to deliver learning services with measurable impact and sustainable results.
Combining our extensive government experience with proven best practices, we provide robust and practical learning solutions to support federal, state, local governments, the broader public sector, and not-for-profit stakeholders.

We provide the following services:

  • Organizational and individual assessments related to training
  • Identify and analyze performance gaps, competencies and measures related to training
  • Design, develop, deliver and evaluate development learning sessions, programs, and outcomes
  • Design, develop, deliver customized learning and training curriculums
  • Keynote and concurrent conference speakers
  • Webinars and virtual learning services
  • Coaching resources and services
  • Customized certificates of completion
  • Evaluate and undertake continuous improvement

Delivery Modes

Milestone Technical Institute offers flexible delivery options. Depending on the needs of your target audience and the focus of your curriculum, you can choose the best-fit for your audience and the desired learning experience.

Instructor – Led Training

This is the traditional face-to-face method of delivery brings together a group of participants and an expert facilitator for a specified duration ranging from a ½ day to 3+ days. Our classroom sessions are designed to be highly interactive and relevant to the needs of the audience. Instructor-Led Classroom sessions continue to be the most popular modality. Participants enjoy the in-person interaction, sharing of diverse experiences, networking with their peers, and applying their learning in a safe environment with the benefit of real-time coaching and feedback from their facilitator.


E-learning programs leverage technology to provide access to content anytime, anywhere. This mode can be engaged to provide a self-study option or reference tool for participants to offer just-in-time access to information when they need it. e-Learning programs can be developed as independent learning programs or as a blended learning tool to support instructor-led or virtual classroom sessions.

Full Course Listing

We offer 100+ professional development courses that cater to different functional responsibilities.

Business Functions

Budgeting Workshop for Managers

Understand the budgeting process and never over promise or under deliver again..
The budget is an important tool management used to measure performance. In today’s tight economy, the manager who knows how to plan and use the budget effectively will gain credibility. Whether you are a new manager who is just a little nervous about budgeting – or an experienced manager who wants to smooth out the rough spots, this course can boost your confidence and financial acumen.

Learning Objectives
  • Define the purpose of each of the four financial statements
  • Manage and measure departmental performance against a budget
  • Analyze the relationships between expense and revenue
  • Manage budget variances
  • Create a working budget
Course Benefits
  • Confidence you can create a realistic budget
  • Master the budgeting process – from planning through execution
  • Increase accuracy in forecasting revenue and expenses
  • Increase profit
Who Should Attend

Employees and supervisors/managers in every functional area – including public, private and not-for-profit sectors – who want to develop a solid understanding of the budgeting process.

  • Duration :2 Days
  • Fee : $1995 per participant
Course on Financial Analysis

Discover breakthrough techniques that can dramatically increase the value of your organization. In this hands on course, you will review the latest proven analytical tools and develop a keen understanding of how and when to use the tools to keep your organization secure.

Learning Objectives
  • Make operating decisions that maximize the value of existing equity shares per unit
  • Identify and illustrate the appropriate tools to make operating and investment decisions
  • Apply financial analysis methods and tools to measure performance against internal/ external standards and industry benchmarks
Course Benefits
  • Increase your accuracy in reporting on your organization’s financial situation
  • Help your organization make decisions that elevate its value
  • More effectively manage value in the business
  • Increase the value of your organization
  • Build a strong leadership team that makes informed, forward looking decisions based on consideration of financial implications
Who Should Attend

Those responsible for their organization’s financial future, including CFOs, VPs of finance, controllers, financial analysts, accountants; project managers and leaders; budget, business analysts and treasury professionals.


  • Duration :3 Days
  • Fee : $2500
Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers

Get a grip on what those numbers and financial documents really mean. Speak the language of finance and make decisions which support the bottom line. The truth is, no matter how great your management style or how innovative your ideas, your performance in today’s economy will be measured in dollars and cents.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify and describe the different methods of accounting
  • Read, understand and evaluate financial statements
  • Analyze annual reports to determine a company’s true financial picture
  • Differentiate between fixed and variable costs and plan for profit
  • Review and analyze capital expenditure budgets, operating budgets and understand the function of the capital budget
Course Benefits
  • Increase confidence in your decisions that impact the bottom line
  • Budget more effectively
  • Be able to understand and speak the language of finance and accounting
  • Minimize and manage risk
  • Build a strong management team who make decisions with due consideration for financial impact
Who Should Attend

This program is designed for non-financial managers in every functional area of responsibility in all industries seeking to gain a better understanding of the financial elements of their jobs.

  • Duration :3 Days
  • Fee : $2500

Project Management

Information Technology Project Management

From planning, scheduling and controlling IS/IT projects to managing critical interfaces with users and vendors to balancing development needs with system maintenance, you’ll find your solutions in this course. Discover how to optimize IT development and delivery processes so that you can bring your projects online more effectively, faster and on budget.

Learning Objectives
  • Review and apply the nine knowledge areas of project management as outlined in the PMBOK® Guide
  • Use effective approaches to manage IT staff and end-users
  • Practice breaking down a project into smaller tasks
  • Use proven methods for risk analysis and contingency planning
  • Establish a project budget
  • Develop methods for controlling projects in progress and anticipating problems
  • Gain effective leadership skills through communication, motivation and problem solving
Course Benefits
  • Enhance your professional credibility through improving the quality, cost and delivery of your projects
  • Control your projects with proven scheduling techniques
Who Should Attend

IT and IS project managers, project leaders and analysts as well as others new to information technology and systems project management or looking for project management training in an IT and IS environment.

  • Duration :3 Days
  • Fee : $2500

Customer Service

Communication Excellence for Front-Line Staff

Diffuse difficult situations while strengthening positive interactions with customers. The results are quality service to customers and a more enjoyable work atmosphere.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify different communication styles
  • Deal effectively with different customer personalities
  • Identify strategies for managing difficult interactions
  • Develop your communication skills – in person, on the phone, using voicemail or email
  • Apply skills to deepen your understanding of how verbal and nonverbal communication impact outcome
  • Apply the six key steps to rebounding and recovering from customer complaints
  • Manage stress in the moment and proactively
Course Benefits
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Master proven strategies for handling difficult people
  • Reduce stress from difficult situations
  • Enhance your reputation for quality service
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Build customer loyalty
Who Should Attend

Employees, managers and supervisors who are a touch point to the customer, either directly or indirectly, who want to improve their working relationship with customers. This seminar would be of interest to those in customer service, finance, technical support, documentation, credit and collections, human resources, information technology, help desk, administration and sales. support.

  • Duration :3 Days
  • Fee : $2500
Exceptional Customer Service Leadership

Customer loyalty is key to compete successfully in a challenging business climate. This hands-on seminar will guide you through proven approaches for excellent customer service leadership which will lead to increased customer loyalty and positively impact your bottom line.

Course Benefits
  • Surpass your customers’ needs and expectations
  • Increase customer satisfaction, referrals and repeat business
  • Achieve a competitive edge for your business
  • Provide quality service
Who Should Attend

Front-line managers, supervisors, team and task-force leaders, HR managers and those responsible for customer service leadership and quality of service to external and internal customers.

  • Duration :3 Days
  • Fee : $2500

Human Resources and Training

Train the Trainer: Facilitation Skills Workshop

This comprehensive program will build on your delivery expertise by helping you to create a learning environment that improves the knowledge, skill and ability of your participants. In this hands-on session, you will learn to effectively prepare and deliver training sessions that create measurable impact and sustainable change in the behaviour of participants.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the needs of your audience based on adult learning principles and styles
  • Create a winning training session that achieves your learning objectives
  • Assess and give appropriate feedback to your participants
  • Engage your audience and encourage immediate application
  • Boost retention by practicing transfer-of-learning techniques
  • Moderate your classroom and disruptions effectively
  • Facilitate training sessions with greater confidence
Course Benefits
  • Build confidence by practicing and receiving feedback
  • Become recognized as an engaging and impactful facilitator
  • Understand the vital link between aligning learning objectives with classroom activities and approaches
    Increase your ability to manage classroom dynamics effectively
Who Should Attend

Facilitators who are new to the training field (0-5 years of experience) and individuals who find themselves delivering training to others and are looking to further develop their facilitation skills

  • Duration :3 Days
  • Fee : $2500
5-Day MBA

You will cover the core elements of the curriculum of most university level, graduate business programs. The knowledge you’ll acquire in this interactive course will provide you with an overall business foundation. You will branch into functional areas of expertise required to build your business acumen and understand the integration of planning to execution and overall organizational alignment.

Learning Objectives
  • Refine your leadership and managership styles to meet the challenges of today’s complex business environment
  • Develop an understanding of key marketing terms and the influence marketing has on your company’s success
    Analyze financial statements and learn what they really mean
  • Review organizational behaviour information and how any and all changes impact the productivity of your people
  • Apply a planning model that can be used at the organization or business unit level
  • Evaluate the importance of aligning day-to-day decisions with those identified in the plan
  • Identify the most effective business tools and strategies to help your organization achieve performance results
Course Benefits
  • Explore ways to apply innovative thinking to the development of business strategy
  • Discover how all components of a business fit together and what it takes to be successful
  • Read and understand financial statements
  • Develop an effective plan to meet organizational goals
  • Gain understanding in how the organization’s financial statements relate to departmental activities
Who Should Attend

This program is designed for mid- to senior level managers across all industries, including public and not-for-profit sectors. Ideal for new general managers, technical managers, functional managers and entrepreneurs who are looking for an intensive, practical course to build general business skills and knowledge.

  • Duration :1 Week
  • Fee : $4000
High-Impact Decision Making

All too often, professionals faced with tough decisions procrastinate, rely on intuition, or allow uncertainty to take control… leading to costly or disastrous business results. In this hands-on management development seminar, you’ll discover innovative, easy-to-learn techniques that will enable you to make high-impact decisions that are smart, timely and effective. You’ll return to work with a useable action plan for being more confident and decisive.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognizing the underlying assumptions, attitudes, opinions, historical context, experience and expectations
  • Learning to recognize the real opportunity or problem by identifying your possible outcomes
  • Clarifying your objective for making the decisions
  • Articulating when some analysis is worthwhile and when too much analysis can lead to decision paralysis
  • Recognizing the impacts of your decision
  • Exploring options and alternatives
  • Creating clear, understandable communication about your decision
Course Benefits
  • Clarify your objectives, put an end to uncertainty and unnecessary risky decisions
  • Learn a structured process for making high-impact decisions with optimum timing and effectiveness
  • Think and act decisively in a contradictory, ever-changing environment
  • Minimize and manage risk
  • Effectively analyze, articulate and draw conclusions and commit to your decisions
Who Should Attend

Managers and professionals whose decisions have long-term significant impact on the financials, people, processes and reputation of a department or organization.

  • Duration :1 Week
  • Fee : $4000


Strategic Planning

This course is designed to combine proven practice methods with new insights and ideas from a wide range of current strategic thinking. Bring your strategic dilemmas to the course and use analytical and organizational approaches to find direction for your solutions and your business.

Learning Objectives
  • Conduct effective analyses to kick start the strategic planning process
  • Create a mission statement and identify the value proposition of your strategic plan
  • Conduct external assessments of the macro and market environment, determine their impacts and incorporate them into your plan
  • Perform internal assessments to gather and analyze pertinent data
  • Make critical decisions confidence
  • Formulate and implement simple or complex strategic plans
Course Benefits
  • Integrate strategy, objectives, metrics and performance
  • Better understand the timing and importance of the strategic planning process
  • Build a strong management team that actively supports the organizational mission, vision and goals
Who Should Attend

Business leaders, executives and other senior managers involved in the formation and implementation of strategy. Line managers in finance, marketing, R&D and manufacturing who are responsible for strategy development and implementation will also benefit from this course.

  • Duration :1 Week
  • Fee : $4000
Strategy Execution: Getting It Done

Learn techniques to ensure costly and risky strategic initiatives succeed. Apply the skills and techniques from this seminar to develop your own focused, flexible and achievable blueprint for successful execution of your strategic plan.

Learning Objectives
  • Clarify factors that contribute to effectively executing strateg
  • Develop a strategy execution goal and plan with tangible timelines for benchmarking
  • Demonstrate how to break up long-term strategic initiatives into achievable “breakthrough” initiatives
  • Assess the challenges against vital points of success, failure and resistance
  • Keep the strategic initiative on-track to achieve results that can be replicated and celebrated
Course Benefits
  • Build support to execute on initiatives and ideas
  • Work effectively across organizational boundaries
  • Successful execution of strategy to achieve measureable results
Who Should Attend

Executives, managers and professionals involved in strategic planning and execution.

  • Duration :1 Week
  • Fee : $4000
The Leadership Challenge® Workshop

The Leadership Challenge is about how leaders mobilize others to want to get extraordinary things done. It’s about the practices leaders use to transform values into actions, visions into realities, obstacles into innovations, separateness into solidarity, and risks into rewards. It’s about a climate in which people turn challenging opportunities into remarkable successes.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify your own leadership strengths and areas for improvement based on The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®
  • Review and apply methods to communicate fundamental values and beliefs
  • Focus people’s efforts on key values through their own actions
  • Support your organization’s culture, its strategic direction, and your contribution to the company’s success
  • Determine what it takes to inspire others to share a common vision
  • Develop and apply techniques to build collaboration, teamwork and trust
  • Apply approaches to strengthen others’ abilities to excel
  • Recognize the accomplishments of others
Course Benefits
  • Learn The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®
  • Receive individual coaching during the program
  • Participate in the Leadership Practices Inventory
  • Build a strong leadership team
Who Should Attend

Executives, managers, group leaders and other business professionals working in a team environment.

  • Duration :1 Week
  • Fee : $2250

Office Administration and Support

Management Skills for Government Administrative Professionals

Increase your administrative effectiveness to meet the challenges of today’s Public Service workplace

Learning Objectives
  • Empower yourself to achieve growth
  • Create a blueprint for managing change
  • Identify your core competencies
  • Match business goals with administrative support goals
  • Assess your leader manager preference in teams
  • Map your management team’s priorities for the year
  • Set criteria to validate risk/value priorities
  • Strengthen your active listening skills
  • Master the techniques for dealing with difficult people
  • Use persuasion and negotiation to gain better outcomes from conflict
Course Benefits
  • Learn methods for juggling multiple responsibilities
  • Increase your ways to think positively on your feet with powerful techniques
  • Understand different team player styles for more effective collaboration
  • Control your time and workload with advanced time management skills
  • Become a strategic partner to your boss
Who Should Attend

Seasoned administrative professionals, including executive assistants and administrative assistants who are striving to enhance their careers and improve their contribution within the Public Sector

  • Duration :2 Days
  • Fee : $2250
Project Management for Administrative Professionals

Obtain the skills that spell project management success – scheduling, communicating and planning. Learn skills from thisproject management course for administrative professionals will help you take a project from conception to completion.

Learning Objectives
  • Focus on results and meet project objectives and timetables
  • Organize and track all project resources to maximize productivity
  • Report progress of plans to the satisfaction of management
  • Solve problems as they arise and anticipate problems using simple and effective problem¬-solving tools
  • Manage time while juggling multiple projects and ongoing daily responsibilities
  • Use influence and clear communication to get co¬operation and coordinate the work of people who do not report to you
Course Benefits
  • Learn the project management skills to plan, organize and control projects of any size
  • Anticipate problems or solve them as they arise
  • Avoid common project disasters
  • Influence your project team and co-workers with confidence and control
  • Balance your busy schedule with the added pressures of managing a project
Who Should Attend

Administrative and executive assistants and other administrative professionals required to balance project management activities, on top of their everyday workloads.

  • Duration :3 Days
  • Fee : $2500

Information Technology and Security

Managing Today’s IT and Technical Professionals

Managing technical professionals demands specific skill in understanding their characteristics and style to achieve successful communication, team building, coaching and career planning. In just three days, you’ll learn how to get your project teams, work groups and task forces working together more efficiently and productively.

Learning Objectives
  • Define critical roles of the technical manager
  • Develop skill in aligning technical professionals’ goals with business goals
  • Adopt techniques to identify technical competencies for your staff
  • Acquire meeting management techniques to use within a technical environment
  • Enhance skills in coaching and providing constructive feedback
  • Build on team effectiveness and decision making techniques
  • Practice methods of delegating, motivating and evaluating performance
  • Establish SMART objectives
Course Benefits
  • Acquire the critical soft skills to transition from technical specialist to manager.
  • Match your management style to your technical team for improved overall communication and performance
  • Build strong project management teams
Who Should Attend

Technical professionals with less than one year of management experience and experienced managers new to the technical environment, including organizations in the IT, production and manufacturing sectors.

  • Duration :3 Days
  • Fee : $2500
Managing Troubled Projects: Diagnosis, Recovery and Prevention Techniques

Learn to regain control despite cuts in resources, changes in priorities or due to scope creep. More projects fail or get into trouble than succeed. With this project management course, you’ll be able to step up to the plate to recognize, diagnose and turn around a problem situation, which will enable your projects to move ahead successfully.

Learning Objectives
  • The difference between routine work and unique projects
  • When and how to apply the appropriate re-design and recovery techniques
  • Application of a project management framework to assess your current problem situation
  • Why some projects fail and others succeed
  • Tips for avoiding and correcting project creep
  • Which project management software works best
  • How to evaluate the status of the project work plan
  • Strategies for assessing and managing people issues
  • To create and manage a change process – and gaining support
  • How to successfully implementing revised plans
Course Benefits
  • Learn to recognize, diagnose and turn a difficult situation around
  • Take corrective actions and increase your chances of completing the project on time and on budget
  • Successfully manage unexpected and difficult situations
Who Should Attend

Project directors and managers, program managers and those seeking advanced project management skills, project team members and operations managers faced with supporting major new projects

  • Duration :3 Days
  • Fee : $2500
Technical Project Management

This enriched program gives you three days of knowledge and practice in managing projects related to R&D, construction, capacity expansion, instrumentation and control, plant outages and other aspects of technical project management. Reduce task cycle times to achieve the fast-track results required in the technical field. You’ll be exposed to technical project management terminology, codes, conventions and performance standards of public and private sources, such as ISO, ANSI, ASME, IEEE and more.

Learning Objectives
  • Review the essential project management tools to apply in any project
  • Focus on techniques for leading technical project teams
  • Conduct project planning: using the SMART model and beginning with scope management
  • Create a WBS for defining project activities
  • Develop a dynamic project schedule using network diagram and critical path techniques
  • Establish a sound estimating process
  • Apply techniques to manage the components of project planning and establish performance baselines
  • Use technical project planning methodologies
  • Acquire tools and techniques for monitoring and controlling projects
  • Differentiate between administrative closure and contractual closure in projects
Course Benefits
  • Identify potential problems and solve them using troubleshooting techniques
  • Track projects more effectively to manage resources effectively and achieve deliverables
  • Cope with tight technical project schedules to meet overall organizational goals
  • Create status reports to update top management on budgeting, scheduling and manpower trends
  • Build a strong project management team
Who Should Attend

R&D professionals, engineers (across all specialties), scientists and principal investigators, project engineers, facility engineers, plant managers and anyone else who administers technical projects.

  • Duration :3 Days
  • Fee : $2500
The Comprehensive Project Management Workshop

In this week-long situational learning program, you will examine a complete range of advanced PM competencies and methods. Learn a common and precise language to communicate and define project needs effectively. In addition, you will acquire skills to resolve project issues through an alignment with the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide).

Learning Objectives
  • Apply your project management approach using the fundamental concepts of project management in the PMBOK® Guide
  • Build the key deliverables and structure to get your project started effectively and efficiently
  • Develop a comprehensive and appropriate project management plan as a blueprint to effective project execution
  • Prepare to implement the project plan by managing, coordinating, and collaborating with the project team and key project stakeholders
  • Develop and implement a plan to close the project and transition ongoing product support to operations
Course Benefits
  • Learn new approaches and techniques to optimize many elements of your projects
  • Identify and engage key stakeholders
  • Create and implement a plan to keep your project on track
  • Become an effective leader
  • Gain credibility and influence through project management knowledge
Who Should Attend

Project Managers with at least three years of professional project management experience

  • Duration :3 Days
  • Fee : $3200
The Project Planning Workshop

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Planning is pivotal to success. Peril to projects is caused by forgotten or poorly done risk, performance management, communication and procurement plans. This practical, two-day project management training seminar will provide you with immediately applicable tools, templates and proven practices to plan your real life work projects.

Learning Objectives
  • Apply planning and monitoring techniques to help you avoid project pitfalls
  • Assess processes to avoid over and under planning
  • Plan to optimize project time, money and resources
  • Organize your project to maximize productivity and leverage strengths and talents
  • Develop and organize methods to produce organizational change management, quality, training/development, stakeholder analysis, communication, performance, procurement and other plans as part of your comprehensive integrated project plan.
Course Benefits
  • Your planning can be more practical, realistic and accurate to the needs of your organization
  • Take away tools, templates, practices to help with project planning, as well as an integrated plan of your office project
  • Even “impossible projects” can be made possible through effective planning skills
  • Bring along key stakeholders of your project to the course to help build a new plan together
  • Receive objective guidance from an expert practitioner on an existing plan or project commitments
Who Should Attend

Project managers, program managers, executives and professionals who want to develop better project plans. Also ideal for project teams or key stakeholders to participate together in building a comprehensive integrated project plan.

  • Duration :1 Week
  • Fee : $3200

    Corporate Training

  • Business Functions
  • Project Management
  • Customer Service
  • Human Resources and Training
  • Leadership
  • Office Administration and Support
  • Information Technology and Security

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